Why Hire a Tax Professional?

Sure, you could buy a computer program and use it to fill out your tax forms and file them electronically. But the software has its limitations. It doesn’t know your entire personal finance situation. Our Encino firm’s tax service will help you get the maximum savings within the allowable options available by employing our up-to-date knowledge and great attention to detail.

Additionally, we are available for tax advice all year long. For example, we can advise you on the tax implications of any major investments you plan to make, or withdrawals from retirement savings, or real estate purchases. We can also help you set up an LLC or answer any other business tax questions you may have.

We can provide options on strategies for saving enough to finance your children’s education and we can find ways for you to cut tax costs of any capital gains you’ve realized.

And we’re familiar with the system. So if ever you find yourself confronted with an IRS request for additional taxes, we can go over the rules and see if there are grounds for an appeal.

And consider these points, too:

• Even if you’re skilled at filling out your own tax forms, we can quickly answer questions based on our background and experience that might take you hours of research to determine.
• And shouldn’t you be spending your valuable time earning money there instead of struggling with tax issues?
• Founder and Chief Executive Olga Kormochi is a CPA who gives every case her personal attention. She has successfully represented clients undergoing IRS audits and obtained abatement of penalties. Call her at 866-566-8582 for your tax questions.

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